The Eyre Brothers:

 Publishers with a Westcountry Interest


 Publishers of

 Eyre Brothers’ Post Office Plymouth District Directory

 which later became

 Eyre’s Post Office Plymouth and Devonport District Directory


 Other Works


Revised 1st October 2021 


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1.                  Introduction (below)


2.                  Publishing History

2.1         The Watering Places 

2.2         Directories and Other Works 

2.3         Hotels of the United Kingdom 

2.4        Eyre Brothers’ Post Office Plymouth ... Directory 

2.5        The Later Eyre´s Plymouth Directory Publishers 

2.5.1    W H Hood

2.5.2    J G Hammond

2.5.3    Theophilus Creber 

2.6        Plymouth District Directory Maps 

2.6.1    George Philip & Son

2.6.2    W H Maddock

2.6.3    Brendon & Son

2.6.4    John Smith

2.6.5    Theophilus Creber 

2.7         The Name Survives 

3.                  Locations of Their Works


3.1         Plymouth District Directories

3.2         Other Directories and Works

3.3         Acknowledgements & Sources


4.                  Further Illustrations

           4.1         General Selection

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1.  Introduction 

My main interest is Devon mapping, especially county and town maps. The Eyre Brothers did not publish many works but, of these, many were related to Plymouth (a trade directory) or the tourist trade generally and most included maps, hence my interest in the company. This monograph is an attempt to collate all known information about the publishing company of Eyre Brothers to date and provide a sketch outline for others to follow up. The author has five Eyre volumes and this was the basis of the research presented here.
The Eyre Brothers were London publishers who flourished for a brief period in the last quarter of the 19th century with premises first (from 1877) at 10, later from 26 & 27, Paternoster Square, Paternoster Row (until c.1889). Their output seems to have been limited to a number of trade and town directories and a few guides to the hotels and typical watering places of England and Wales. Apart from one complete set of their Plymouth directory (1880-1905) there are comparatively few examples of their works and many are known through a single copy. Most of what we know about their output has to be gleaned from the few extant works and the adverts they published within. Many volumes were promised but it may turn out that more were intended than saw publication.
Nothing is known about the identity of the brothers, but despite this, their name persisted for many years on the covers of a Plymouth directory and other ephemeral works. The first two recorded works attributed to the Eyre Brothers are a guide to The Watering Places of the South of England (Figs.1. & 2.) and a Coal Trades´ Directory both published in 1877.
I am grateful to all those institutions (i.e. the staff) for answering my many questions and helping to compile this list of their works and their locations. Another researcher able to visit all the libraries will certainly add to (and correct) the information presented here.

Fig.1. View of Torquay by Rock in Watering Places of the South of England



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