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The Eyre Brothers:   Publishers with a Westcountry Interest -----------------------------   Publishers of   Eyre Brothers’ Post Office Plymouth District Directory   which later became   Eyre’s Post Office Plymouth and Devonport District Directory   and   Other Works   Revised 1st October 2021  Contents: Note: Click on the main headings to go directly to relevant section.    1.                   Introduction (below)   2.                   Publishing History 2.1         The Watering Places   2.2         Directories and Other Works   2.3         Hotels of the United Kingdom   2.4         Eyre Brothers’ Post Office Plymouth ... Directory   2.5        The Later Eyre´s Plymouth Directory Publishers   2.5.1    W H Hood 2.5.2    J G Hammond 2.5.3    Theophilus Creber   2.6         Plymouth District Directory  Maps   2.6.1    George Philip & Son 2.6.2    W H Maddock 2.6.3    Brendon & Son 2.6.4    John Smith 2.6.5    Theophilus Creber   2.7         The Name Survives   3.